Bridge Project | english

The bridge is ready!


Brückeneinweihung | Dezember 2012

What a Christmas present: A big and essential project that took over 4 years of personal dedication and a lot of support from many people could be completed. The bridge is not only accessible to walk over, it suits perfectly into the landscape. The local people are very proud and overjoyed.

Congratulations to Jan and his local workers for making this remarkable creation possible. Due to endless dedication and endurance this vision became reality. Many warm and heartfelt thanks to all of you who supported this project financially, with motivating words and good thoughts.

The opening ceremony was celebrated last Tuesday, December 18, 2012. Jan summarizes the joyful event as follows:

„After the bridgework has been done, the opening ceremony was supposed to be a great success. Actually, the celebration was intended only for the involved workers and the eldest of the village. But the opening held by the local governor (stimmt das?) attracted a lot of people form the area. It was a great opportunity to address concerns and needs – such as drinking water supply, electricity, a secondary school and a hospital nearby – to the local administrator in personal.
In any case, it was a big celebration. Instead of 30 participants, it ended up to be a lot more than 100. It’s hard to describe the jumble that resulted, especially when it came to the food supply. A lot of improvisation was needed. After a while, I drew back to the my workers who were already sitting on the bridge eating together. At the end of the day, everyone was happy and went his own way – that led across the bridge, of course.“

Photos of the whole project: click here.